Digestate, compost and wood products

Digestate, compost and wood products

High-quality products for your soil

Axpo Kompogas is a leading company for the dry fermentation of organic waste. With its 15 fermentation plants, 5 composting sites and the mobile services in Switzerland, it processes organic waste of more than 2500 costumers (towns, municipalities and companies), thereby producing renewable energy and nutrient-rich natural fertiliser. This organic waste is made up of garden and food waste from households as well as food waste from industrial and commercial enterprises.

How do I dispose of organic waste correctly?

  • Important: Only use compostable organic rubbish sacks (compobag). These can be recognised by the grid markings on them.
  • Do not use normal plastic bags to dispose of organic waste. These are made using petroleum and contaminate the compost soil.

Collect your natural fertiliser free of charge

At many Kompogas plants, private customers can get "Agrikom fest"- an excellent solid fertiliser - free of charge (max. 1 kg/m3). Bring your packaging with you and fill this up with natural fertiliser yourself.

Axpo Kompogas' product range for private customers also includes wood chips, bog garden soil and decorative bark.

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